Dr Ananda Gupta, an eye surgeon by profession is the Chairman of London Durgotsav Committee (LDC) and Principal of Dakshinayan UK, the cultural wing of LDC and also the UK Chapter of Dakshinee, Kolkata – a music institution.

Dr Gupta has been instrumental in organising Camden Durga Puja, one of the biggest Hindu festivals in London for the past 20+ years. Durga Puja has been inscribed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) of Humanity by UNESCO in 2021.

Dr Gupta’s incredible support and the inscription of Durga Puja on the ICH has given Camden Durga Puja an international recognition and attention. It has helped to raise cultural awareness about the event not only within the Bengali community but also within the Indian diaspora in / around London.

Dr Gupta, Principal of Dakshinayan is a legendary Rabindrasangeet singer and has been exclusively practising and upholding Tagore music as a pure and high form of art. Imbibing and spreading a love for it in the hearts of people, especially in the face of diverse influences, remains till date, the expressed ideology of Dakshinayan UK.

Dr Gupta has actively contributed in the following areas:

1. Promoting Bengali culture and heritage in the UK;
2. To increase awareness of cultural, religious and social values in people belonging to the Bengali Community and Indian diaspora living in / around London
3. To impart feeling of love, mutual respect and universal fraternity among people through different Hindu religious festivals.

Dr Gupta says:

“Durga Puja is a radiant celebration marking the triumph of good over evil. At Camden we indeed feel proud to uphold and showcase the Bengali culture and heritage to a diverse population here in the United Kingdom.

London’s strength lies in its diversity. Camden Durga Puja is the time when we immerse ourselves in the cultural richness and ethereal ambience, creating unforgettable memories for lifetime and witness how the tapestry of Bengali culture and tradition unfolds in London.