Theme: ‘ছুটি’ or ‘Home-coming’

Durga Puja has been inscribed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) of Humanity by UNESCO in 2021. It is the 14th Indian event on the list, others include Yoga, Vedic Chanting, Buddhist Chanting in Ladakh, Chau Dance, Ramlila, Navroz, Kumbh Mela and others. Inscription on the ICH has given Camden Durga Puja an international recognition and attention. It has helped to raise awareness about the event not only within the Bengali community but also within the Indian diaspora in / around London. In 2023 Camden Durga Puja was awarded the Cultural Heritage of Humanity Award by Narayani Namastute for celebrating 60 glorious years of Durga Puja in London and upholding Durga Puja as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity in the United Kingdom and the entire Europe.

This year the theme of Camden Durga Puja is ছুটি or ‘Home-coming’. In its literal sense, the word ‘ছুটি’ in Bengali means ‘holiday’ or ‘freedom’. Home coming means returning to one’s home. Durga Puja celebrated during the Bengali month of Ashwin is considered as the festival of home coming. It is this time of the year during Devi Paksha, Ma Durga descends on earth with her children. ‘ছুটি’ or ‘home-coming’ has an underlying significance: it signifies return to one’s roots by getting immersed in the richness of one’s culture and heritage. The name “Durga” means the ‘invincible’. Devi Durga symbolizes freedom from all evils like injustice, cruelty, hatred, ego and other forms of pain and suffering. By invoking the Mother Goddess, the word ‘ছুটি’ in its deeper sense signify elimination of negative forces around us. Durga Puja is a radiant celebration marking the triumph of good over evil. Ma Durga – the epitome of Matri-Shakti and destroyer of all evils symbolises the power of divine over the demonic – Chandi.

At Camden Durga Puja we immerse ourselves in the cultural richness and ethereal ambience, creating unforgettable memories for lifetime and witness how the tapestry of Bengali culture and tradition unfolds in London. Let us join together and invoke the Mother Goddess Durga, where Good shall always prevail.

“When the happiest days become the hardest”

Camden Durga Puja 2024 this year will be supporting two charities:

  1. Age UK
  2. Acorns Hospice

Where children / elderly with life threatening conditions are battling for lives.

ছুটি for them is completely different. ছুটি for them is freedom from all pain and sufferings.

The acceptance of the ultimate truth, transition to the eternal world: to the world of divine.