Nepalchandra Ray was a close associate of Rabindranath in the Santiniketan school and in his educational mission in Visva-Bharati. Graduating in 1889, Nepalchandra was influenced by the National Movement. In his desire to participate in this political movement and serve his country, he gave up opportunities to make a career as Deputy Magistrate in the Government and decided to take up teaching as a profession. To build the character of future citizens of India, to inspire them with an idealism to build a strong nation were some of his aspirations. He worked in a number of schools till 1910, when Rabindranath requested him to join his school temporarily. Nepalchandra was, however, to remain in Santiniketan till his retirement. He taught English and History in the school. He wrote a few textbooks in history and geography for children, which were appreciated. As a teacher, he participated in all the activities of the children- sports, excursions, story-telling and during special mandir service, he would inspire them by telling them stories of people renowned for their brave deeds and sacrifices. He was elected Sarvadhyaksha of the school for a period of time, he had often to be in charge of the school. Later, he took classes in the college and was also the Principal of Siksha Bhavana. He retired from Visva-Bharati in 1936.