Debut musical album “Chinmayam” under the label Kavya Musics. It is a collection of 3 devotional songs written by  Sreedevi Jayan and sung by P. Jayachandran and Madhu Balakrishnan under the direction of Dr.Gopan Swarathraya.
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The lyrics video to song “Guruvayoorambala Thirunadayil”, sung by P. Jayachandran, is now live on Youtube:

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Pleased to inform you that Sreedevi’s e-book  “Kavyamayooram” containing 37 Poems has been released in Amazon (Kindle version) on 28th April. You may please review and make your comment on the book Kavyamayooram in Amazon site . Also share and share. See below link :
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Sreedevi Jayan

Sreedevi Jayan is a multilingual poet and lyricist from Kerala, India. She has written over a thousand poems, mainly in Malayalam, and aims to promote love and affection among people through her words.

Sreedevi’s poems in Hindi have been published in Hindi newspapers, with a poem written in English receiving a congratulatory message from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Sreedevi strives to write at least one poem a day, under the pen name ‘Gadha Mayoor’. Being active in the online community, a multitude of reputed writers have appreciated her for this feat.

Recently, Sreedevi published an eBook ‘Kavyamayooram’ comprising of a collection of Malayalam poems.

Having an interest in song-writing, she recently released her debut album ‘Chinmayam’ (now streaming online) consisting of 3 Malayalam devotional songs, sung by famous playback singers P. Jayachandran and Madhu Balakrishnan.

The first song in the album ‘Aayiram Ethalulla Thamarappoovil’ reveres the Goddess Saraswati Devi as a universal consciousness, who showers blessings from her abode of a lotus with a thousand petals. No matter the environment, the Goddess embraces one with her pustak mudra. With the 7 swaras providing the expressive and rhythmic force, and the 7 colours of light beaming with hope, the Devi paints the momentous epic of one’s life.

The second song ‘Guruvayoorambala Thirunadayil’ illustrates the saintly divinity experienced when praying to the Lord Guravayoorappa, a form of the Lord Vishnu, at the Guruvayoor temple in Kerala. Ones mind completely immerses in devotion when the radiant rays of hundreds of lamps begin to shine. When the Krishna mantra melody resonates throughout the crowd during the Seeveli Darshan, with Lord Krishna carried atop a parade of elephants, one completely forgets one’s inner self and being.

The third and final song ‘Eenamay Archanappoonilavay’ celebrates the melodious and energetic vibrations flowing through the universe in the form of ragas. One worships Lord Ganesh to lead us on a path without obstacles. In the world of thoughts, Saraswati Devi provides oneself with shelter. The sweet music from Lord Krishna’s euphoric flute fills the heart with never-ending divine love.

Another one of her poems has been transformed and launched as a music video by RSD Channel on YouTube. The song called ‘Shravana Poornima’ sung by playback singer Ganesh Sundar, describes love, nostalgia and the hope of expatriates who are away from their homeland and loved ones.

Sreedevi Jayan is the daughter of the late MC Nandanan (Village Officer) and Anandam. Sreedevi is a holder of BSc in Chemistry from SNM College, Maliankara, BEd in Science and an MA in Hindi. She lives in London with her husband Jayan OB, who works at ArcelorMittal, and their two children; Navneeth and Kavya.

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